Make Up & Styling

Make-up, styling and draping are the three steps towards enhancing the grace of the model as per the theme. Ms. Charu Sareen has expert hands to deliver the best. Her expertise in more than 7000 shoots stands out with wide variations in style & glamorous looks she gives each time with the assistance of experienced team. Her efforts are truly dedicated towards enhancement of our brand names Mob Makers & Leo’s Mirror in creative aspects. Her legacy is showcased in hair styling & eye make-up. She has gifted senses to read all skin types. Her main motto is time efficiency therefore our creative team has more time to perform. Her senses to define the beauty is immence & her knowledge is showcased in her experience. Her team senses in wardrobe draping is classy & fashionable.

To make a beautiful world, needs
creative hands with a true soul...

We believe in brands we use in our shoots...

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The creativity in make-up and styling involves a lot of hard work with a focussed mind. Make-up and style artists need to keep an eye on each and every moment during the shoots. They have to be on their toes to make the model look perfect according to the theme.

The brand outlook depends on the theme and the theme can only be well represented by a make-up artist with the art of the make-up and styling as per the article. Considering each and every aspect which goes with the concept, the wardrobe, accessories and make-up products are selected. Coordinating with the models and the production team at the same time is again the job of the make-up artist. Make-up team is deeply involved in each and every project to make it successful.

Amazing results can be seen of this creative and innovative team in our shoots. We don’t stick to one style but update our strategy of make-up and styling from time to time which is a reason of catering major brands.